One Response to James Martin comes home to the comforts of the Incredible AquaGarden

  1. Aine Douglas January 14, 2015 at 3:15 pm #

    Our Incredible edible Aquagarden was bursting with Summer sumptuousness on BBC1 on 6th January. Chef James Martin visited the site early last summer and was inspired to feature the goodness of our home grown produce to feature in one of his daily ‘Home Comfort’ cookery programmes that has just arrived on our winter viewing. This episode features James Martin sharing clever short cuts to create quick and healthy convenience food. From the comfort of his own kitchen, he makes nutritious home made ready meals in minutes. 30 minutes on into the programme he hands it over to our Incredible Aquagarden ‘Pick and cook’ session featuring our food Inspirer’s, Aine and Madeleine. With the help of Children from Shade school, we showed how easy and ‘convenient’ it is to grow your own doorstep ingredients to produce instant Pizza! Looking forward to planting more of the same for more delicious home grown convenience cooking.

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