Learn to Build an Earth Oven

Less than two weeks to go!

Build an Earth Oven workshop

Saturday 22nd April 10 am – 4pm

This course will teach you how to build a small cob oven from scratch. During the day Chris Bax, from Taste the Wild will look at all aspects of oven building from selecting your raw materials and mixing your cob through to the first firing. The course is a hands on experience and we will construct an oven together on the day so you can see and experience the different processes in action.

We will have a break for a wonderful home produced lunch, made from locally sourced ingredients. We will also be looking at recipes and cooking techniques, which you can use with your oven, so that you can bring the experience to life in your own setting.

Make the most of summer evenings by bringing the kitchen outdoors. Impress your friends with home made pizzas, breads, casseroles and more, all cooked in you own hand built oven!

For booking please call 01706 813 448 or email


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