Aquaponics introduction

We are what we eat – literally!

The food that we eat makes our bodies, and the better the food, the better our bodies feel. Good food makes for a good life, and this timeless wisdom has been rediscovered and celebrated again across the world, from Slow Food in Italy, to Local Food in America, to our own Incredible Edible.

Many of the discoveries and inventions in food and farming over the last century have been used to benefit multinational corporations, not to improve our health or our environment. We’ve been led into a ‘golden’ age where food is cheap – good job too as now it’s something you buy, not grow yourself or swap with neighbours. We have fried food on every corner and sugary drinks filling every corner shop. The result is a generation that’s forgotten how to grow or cook food for themselves and an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

We want to change that!

We want to help develop ways to grow food that are efficient, resilient and environmentally friendly. We can’t go on spraying crops with dangerous chemicals, over-farming the soil and consuming more and more precious resources like fossil fuels, minerals and water.

Equally we can’t solve these problems by turning the clock back and adopting methods that worked well in the past because we need to feed a larger and growing society! There isn’t enough land to feed a population of 10-12 billion doing things the old ways, and the new ways aren’t sustainable.

We need a new new way!

Finally we deserve to have free time to do other activities, otherwise we will all become subsistence farmers! So the new new ways need to be automated to perform most of their processes independently while we monitor it from anywhere over the internet.

What a challenge!

One potential answer for the problems above is an aquaponics system alongside with a computer, some smart devices, a bit of coding and an internet connection. Since August of 2013 the Aquaponics Lab have established a partnership with the Incredible Aqua Garden to develop such system for our local community. You can find out more about our system here and see it working LIVE here.

We can’t enjoy our lunch if we are sitting with hungry people. In the same way, we can’t keep the knowledge of our system to ourselves when across the world there are people hungry for that knowledge.

That why we we strive to do all our work as open source and use open source products whenever is possible. If you follow the links here or in the menu you will find more information about aquaponics, open source and how you can get involved. If you are able to visit Todmorden then please click here to book a visit with us!

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