What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics means the farming of fish (Aquaculture) together with growing plants in water rather than soil (hydroponics).

Todmorden Incredible Aquagarden Aquaponoics system

Our aquaponics system

It may be a new word but farmers around the world have been doing this for millennia, with ancient Aztec, Indian, Bolivian and Chinese civilisations all practising various forms. For more information about the history of aquaponics click here.

The brilliant thing about aquaponics is that the poop from the fish provides a great source of fertiliser for the plants. Natural bacteria around the plants roots convert the toxic fish waste into food for the plants, who love it, growing faster and giving more at harvest than normal. And as a bonus, because the plants and bacteria together clean the water, there is no need to keep flushing out the system and wasting water.

If you want to find out more about aquaponics then one good place to start is the Wikipedia page here.

Overview in Aquaponics

There are lots of other videos and information out there, it seems that this idea is one who’s time has come! Let us know if you’ve found any other great resources on the internet and we’ll add links to them.

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