What We Do

Incredible AquaGarden is an independent urban farming learning centre, which evolved from the Incredible Edible movement and shares its ethos and values. Located in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, we demonstrate a variety of growing methods, including innovative techniques such as aquaponics and hydroponics, as well as traditional soil gardening enhanced by permaculture principles. Our aim is to provide access to good locally produced food for all. We do this by providing incredible growing and learning experiences in a dynamic and interactive environment, and by sustainably producing fresh vegetables and fruits all year round.

Our passionate and enthusiastic team work both on site, delivering educational workshops for schools, communities and families and also in community settings including health centres sites, on school sites, on social housing complexes delivering free cooking and growing workshops to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for all.

Our specialist ‘ReConnect with Nature’ workshops offer expert training in a range of Urban Farming techniques and natural skills , including Earth Oven building, using plants to create hair and skin care products, designing a Kitchen Garden, mushroom log inoculation and foraging walks. We work with partners who are experts in their field, including Taste the Wild and Rooting and Fruiting, to create unique learning experiences.

We are passionate about young people and are part of the curriculum training for Hopwood Hall College to provide student placements and structured learning. We will be providing  the first bespoke Aquaponics course at level 2 and 3  in Spring 2018.

We have several volunteers which help us in day to day running of the centre which gives them the opportunity to develop their learning and skills. We offer internships and placements for UK and foreign students to extend their understanding of the issues surrounding food production. We have welcomed people from all over the world to come and have a hands-on experience in growing, preparing and selling food as well as learning in depth about hydroponic and aquaponic growing methods.

We will shortly be hosting Todmorden Food Assembly – a weekly market where local producers and customers can meet and purchase fresh produce, which they have pre-ordered online.

Our venue is available, as space to rent for conferences, team away-days, art exhibitions and community events.

‘Incredible AquaGarden is a fully inclusive resource which enables people to connect with fresh local produce and green spaces and to gain a deeper understanding of this can improve health, wellbeing, self-confidence and social skills.

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