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Urban Farming Workshops

We have recently launched our first Urban Farming workshop and the first people to attend, were our co – Incredible – Edible groups from all over the country. The course is an introduction to Soil Science, Hydroponics and Aquaponics and whether you’re only starting your adventure with growing or you’re already an experienced grower and want to find new ideas, you’ll find in it something for yourself. This course will soon be launched for non IE groups, so if you’re interested in attending, get in touch.




Soil Science reminds us that it’s not just ‘dirt’ below our feet, but a vibrant and exciting world of living things, from bacteria, fungus to soil animals and worms. We looked at building a healthy soil for our plants, we had a go at looking at some soil animals under microscope (and I swear it wasn’t just shots of 1970s horror movies).

We spoke about some permaculture methods, worms and worm composting, learned about compost brews, how they affect the soil and its life and we even brewed our own.

What a healthy aerobic compost brew looks like:


What an unhealthy anaerobic compost brew looks like:

Second part of our learning was the basics of hydroponics. We discussed a wide range of topics, from what hydroponics is, why we need it these days and all the technical aspects. We had a look at some Autopot studies of hydroponics in developing countries and areas which struggle to use conventional food production. We learned about pest control and nutrients and finally we had a go at assembling our own Autopot set up.



The last topic was Aquaponics; we discussed its role in modern world, touched on urban farming options, sustainability and the future of our food. We had a go at assembling a small Hydrogarden aquaponics unit, which shown that it’s not as difficult as it first seemed.


Our attendees took away a set of small hydroponics to try and have a go at growing at home. We hope that you will have a great crop and will spread the word about growing without soil.


Thank you to Incredible Edible Network for making this course available to Incredibles.

Also big thanks to Autopot Watering Systems, HYDRoToPS and Tod Hydro for long lasting support in many areas.

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